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      We’re heading to a great park, but with lousy tasting hard water. :cry: We’re looking for quality water softener recommendations. Thanks.

      Posted: 9:48 PM – Dec 10, 2016
      You can get distilled water at Walmart self serve for $.29/gallon.

      Posted: 10:10 PM – Dec 10, 2016
      gjhunter01 wrote:You can get distilled water at Walmart self serve for $.29/gallon.

      For drinking water we will, but I’m concerned what the hard water will do to the plumbing, we’ll be there for awhile.

      Posted: 11:35 PM – Dec 10, 2016

      We bought a Travelsoft 1200 water softener a few years ago and some custom length hoses from the http://www.rvwaterfilterstore.com. We plumbed it in and are pleased with it.


      Posted: 9:18 AM – Dec 11, 2016
      Thanks Rick, I’ve looked the Travelsoft 1200 up and it get’s some great reviews. I like the model that has both the pre and post filter added to the water softener.


      Posted: 11:02 AM – Dec 11, 2016
      Jim – we use a pre-filter, I think 5 micron, then the 3M whole house water filter , with the B3 filter afterwards. We will be able to meet up with you, as we will be in Casa Grande for a couple of months at least.


      Posted: 9:09 AM – Dec 12, 2016
      I purchased the 16,000 grain Portable Water Softener unit from 602abcWATER in Sun City, AZ a year ago. It lasts around 3 weeks per recharge and I think makes a big difference in water going into the rig. Everything flows through the water softener, then I installed a RO system from Costco for our drinking water. Works out pretty well–a little too soft sometimes in the shower, however it beats the stains and itching from the hard water.

      Posted: 5:02 PM – Dec 12, 2016
      We purchase the On The Go water softener product from the RV Water Filter Store (online). It works great and we are totally satisfied with how good the water quality is. We have had it for 1 year and highly recommend it. We sit ours on the ground very close to the water filters and use a high quality short water hose from rvwaterfilterstore.com as well.


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