The main purpose of this Club & Forum is to provide a place for Luxury 5th Wheel owners to share information and tips about their rigs, accessories, and RVing in general. If you are having a problem, need help, or need advice, we’ll try to help. It is also a great place to create new friendships plus keep up with the latest information about Carriage and Lifestyle.

This is an independent, self-supported forum and not connected to Carriage Inc. or Evergreen Lifestyle Inc. in any way. 

 Here are some simple rules and guidelines that we expect all members to follow:

1. Treat fellow members with respect at all times. No personal attacks are permitted. It’s fine to disagree with an opinion expressed by a poster but focus on the topic at hand, not the person making the post. In the event a Member receives a message, be it by post, private message, email, or even by phone, that is from another Member or Non-Member (regardless of their capacity), that is in an “Extreme Negative” or “Threatening” manner, please make the Owner/Admin aware of it by Private Message. IT WILL BE DEALT WITH.

2. Give the poster the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes it can be easy to misunderstand one another when we are not in the same room. Ask for clarification if you need it. If you think you are having a problem with another member, take it offline (email or private message). Sometimes the best answer is no answer.

3. Profanity will not be tolerated.

4. There are to be no posts meant for solicitation. Members who wish to sell their personal trailer, truck or other RV related items must do so in the RV’s For Sale Page only.

5. While product and service recommendations in the proper context are encouraged, there will be no posting whose direct intent is to promote a Commercial or Personal Business in which you have an interest.

6. Absolutely NO political posts allowed. There are plenty of other venues for that type of discussion.

7. When replying to a post, keep it on Topic (Do not Hijack a Topic). If you feel you need to venture off into another subject, then start another topic or find an existing topic that is more on point. Any post found to be off topic of the subject line will be subject to deletion/removal by Admin or Moderator.

8. When you register, the forum team will create a folder for you in the Member Photo Albums area. Please feel free to post any photos of a general nature you’d like to share there. Pictures that are more topical can be placed in the Category Albums or attached directly to posts.

9. Information, Documents, and Files and “All” content on the “Owners Club & Forum” is for “Members Only” and is not to be shared openly with others by any other means or venues. Non-compliance can and will result in your Membership and your Account being terminated immediately without notification. The Owners Club & Forum is an expensive entity and is dependent upon the Membership Fees and it’s contents for its existence.

This Club & Forum is intended to be a lasting resource for all members for years to come. Be courteous, be patient with one another, be open to accepting different points of view and just ignore what you don’t want to read. We are all one big family, let’s learn from one another and help one another as best we can. If you feel someones getting out of line, send a PM to a member of the Forum Team, don’t try to take matters into your own hands. Enjoy the Club & Forum, and welcome to the Community and Family.