What is Topic Suggestions

Topic Suggestions is just that !  When considering starting a “New” Topic, first, you should always search and read existing Topics & Replies that are about the same Subject Matter that you are wanting to post about.  This eliminates numerous Topics discussing the same thing over & over, creating more & more of the same thing. 

Topic Suggestions is an automatic listing of “Suggested” topics that are directly related to what you type into the Topic Subject line.  As you type, the system scans the forum and pulls up results based on what you are entering.  The list of suggestions is direct links to those Topics. You can click on them and read those that you feel are similar to what you need. You can then simply reply in the Suggested Topic without starting a whole new topic.

Always be careful when replying, that you remain on the original Subject and not highjacking the topic by writing about something different. If it is different, then start a new Topic in the correct Category.


For the purpose of this Tutorial, we’ll be using the main category “Common RV Components & Issues” and the sub-category “Slide-Outs & Components” category.  We’ll start out by starting a new Topic using the keywords “Slideout” and “Motor”. We’ll then see how the system creates the list of Suggested Topics based on that entry into the Subject Line of the new topic.

After clicking on the “Slide-Outs & Components link, will be taken to the next page. Since our topic is going to be about Slide-out Motors, we will pick the Forum “Slide-Out Motors & Mechanisms” to put our topic in the proper category.

The next page we’re now in the Slide-Out Motors & Mechanisms Forum. We’ll scroll down to the bottom of the list of Topics until we come to the “Create New Topic” section.

In the Create New Topic Area and in the Topic Title box, we’ll start to type our Title or Subject: Slide Motor Bolts. As we type each word of the Title/Subject, you’ll see “Suggested Topics” list start to develope. It will change as each word is typed as to narrow down related topics as possible matches.

First Word: Slide – Results were over 230 Suggested Topics. Too many to show in a screenshot

Second First Word: Slideout – Results were 14 Suggested Topics 

In this screenshot we used “Slide-Out” and the results were 21 Suggested Topics. So, you can see there is a difference depending on how you enter your Title/Subject words.  “Slideout” vs “Slide-Out”

When the 2nd word for the Topic Title/Subject is typed in as “Motor”, there are no results in the Topics Suggestions area.

When the 3rd word for the Topic Title/Subject is typed in, Bolts, there are still no results in the Topics Suggestions area. 

There were several for the first word “SlideOuts”, so this indicates that if you wish to start or create a new topic for “SlideOut Motor Bolts”, that would be good since there were no other matches.