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JaniceDearth – Janice Dearth 2006 Carriage CW378 – 2005 Dodge Ram We purchased this Carriage 5th wheel, 2nd one having had a Carri Lite previously, in 2014. Simply love it! In March of 2017, we had our Carriage repainted. Looks like new! We are full timers as well as gate guards in the oil fields some winters. My husband and I plus our beloved Australian Shepherd, now almost 14, spend a lot of time in southern Texas. As members of Escapees, we’re currently seeking a more permanent parking spot in Arizona. Looking forward to full retirement. Maybe spring of 2020? Who knows? This past May me set out with our Carriage and traveled from Texas, through Mo, visiting daughter and grand daughters, then to Ohio, also visiting family, then to Canada for 2 weeks visiting nieces and brother in law, then I judged an Obedience and Rally trial Fathers’ Day weekend in Wadsworth, Oh, then to Winston-Salem, NC to visit sister-in-law, Janice (we have the same name!), finally heading back to Texas where we’re in Luling right now, for a month. Steve doesn’t drive anymore so I did all the driving putting on 6300 miles by trip end. We had “0” breakdowns, truck or trailer! I feel very blessed. Steve was an over the road truck driver most of our 40 years of marriage. I did also drive team with him for about 4 years, giving me good experience driving a 5th wheel. That being said, I do feel it’s important, especially for full timers, that spouses learn to drive their 5th wheel, in case of any emergency. At our ages, 60’s and 70’s, anything can happen, and usually does. I also have put together a small 8 page, large print, booklet on how to setup, tear down, hookup, and unhook your 5th wheel. Nothing to do with hoses, just what it takes to park and go down the road. I’d be happy to send to anyone for the price of postage only. You can use my email address to contact me. Happy trails!

Jplummer 2008 Carriage Domani DF300 2001 Ford F-250 6.7 PowerStroke We are in S.W. Kansas. Got our camper Feb 2018 and simply love it. Not full timers…. Yet!! Probably stay weekend wannabes for a bit.. Yea still need to work for a living! :-) We are blessed that we get to camp with our kids and keep up with Grandkids.

JAThomas – John Thomas 2009 Carriage Cameo 37FRE3 – 2010 Dodge 3500 Laramie This photo was taken somewhere on the Alaska Highway (took so many photo’s I just can’t say for certain now where this was. This was the second trek up there (the first time was with an older 3500 Ram) One of the best trips of our lives. Spectacular views, great people, awesome wildlife. Our Cameo is one of 67 Carriage RV’s made in 2009 for their 40th anniversary, each one of them unique in it’s appointments. Great RV.

Deborah Hinter We just bought an upgrade. A 2008 Carriage Cameo. Still own a 2006 Carriage Compass C2 27RKS We have a 2001 GMC Sierra

jbmowat – James Mowat Description: 20101 Carriage Carri-Lite 36SBQ, 2015 Dodge Ram Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Blaicher – John Blaicher Description: 2010 Carriage Domani DT3000, 2013 Ford 350 After owning dozens of boats ranging from 10′ to 43′ in length my wife and I decided it was time to get off the water and explore more of North America by RV. After doing months of research and debating the pros and cons of Coach vs 5th wheel vs Travel Trailer we finally decided on a TT that we thought we could tow safely with our nearly new Toyota Tundra. The Trailer we ended up purchasing was a 2010 Carriage DOMANI which we still own and absolutely LOVE. Unfortunately, the “Tundra” was not the proper tow vehicle and was quickly replaced after our 1st. long haul (white knuckle) towing experience. Now we tow very comfortably and safely with a Ford 350 Dual Rear Wheel 6.7L Diesel. The difference is night and day and I would never go back to towing with a gas engine vehicle. I am an avid kiteboarder and mountain bike enthusiast, so we try and plan our travels around new kiteboarding destinations. We both love the RV lifestyle and are constantly being asked questions about our DOMANI. I don’t think Carriage made too many DT3000 units and not many of the ones they made seemed to have ended up in Canada. In 8 years, we have never run across another TT like ours. We fell in love with it the first time we saw it, and still, think it is one of the most stylish and well built TTs on the road today!

Brantlaker Description F350 DWD pulling my 2016 Alfa Gold SH

B.W. – B.W.-Carol Gentry Description 2007 Carriage Carri-Lite XTRM5, 2008 Ford F-450, Full-time for 9 1/2 years, Now – Part-timing, Full-time Forum & Owners Club Admin (LOL), Favorite places – Yellowstone, U.P. Michigan, Colorado, Home Base – Texas, built a new home 2015

CameoDan … Dan and Cherri Williams, OKC Description 2011 Cameo 37RE3 with a 2008 Ford F250 and a Honda jet ski. Leaving town for a week on the lake. We camp approx. 30 days a year. Red River, NM is our favorite location, 8K feet elevation and out of the summer heat and humidity of OK. Also love Santa Fe, NM and Port Aransas, TX as destinations. Don\’t plan to full time, but need to get closer to 60-90 days of camping per year is our retirement goal in a couple years of. We started camping in a tent, then migrated to 2 pop up trailers, then a Colorado Travel Trailer, and finally a Cameo which we love.

Cathy & Paula Description Hi we are Cathy & Paula and we are the proud owners of a new LS37CKLS. We have been in it for 2 weeks now. We moved from a diesel pusher to this 5th wheel. We have been looking at 5th wheels for a while now but it has been hard to find something that has as much inside storage as our dutchstar.

Comoco – Todd, and Hilary Description 2013 Lifestyle 36FWS ordered new in April 2013. 2015 GMC Denali 3500HD DRW D/A bought new in June 2015. Travel the US northeast, Ontario and Quebec for 4-5 weeks per year as we are working – trying to fund our retirement! Dave and Pat Description 2008 Domani DF310 2016 Ford F350 Lariat Super Duty Diesel

FaithBowls – Joe and Bianca Description Hi, Joe here. Here\’s our 2016 Lifestyle ls32rl and 2016 Chevy 3500hd 1 ton srw. We call the truck Bernie (short for Bernadette) and call the trailer Home. We\’re full timing newlyweds. Bought the rig in March 2016 and did 10,000 miles around the west – CA, NV, UT, AZ, NM, CO, WY, ID, OR. Then after a month of work back in CA, we took the long drive up the coast and through Canada to Alaska. Just pulled out of Valdez, AK yesterday. Now slowly going back to the lower 48. We\’re planning to settle in the redwoods of Northern California.

Falconhunter – Chip, and Janette Description Here is a photo of Gus, Clara, and Newt. They are all characters from the movie Lonesome Dove, one of our favorite movies. We have a new tow vehicle now and his name is also Gus. He is a white Ram 3500 DRW with 4:10 gears, Aisin tranny, and HO Cummins. Anyone that has seen Lonesome Dove knows how tough Gus was. The RV is Clara, she was Gus\’s, true love. She is a 2011 Carri-Lite 36 Max1. Her and Gus get along real good and we even named out GPS voice Clara. She is always talking to Gus. Out little Honda is Newt. Newt is quit as a button and an all-around dependable good guy. We are full-time RV\’ers and host a lot for Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Army Corps. We host at Inks Lake State Park in the Texas hill country the most so if your ever in the area look us up. We are usually here late summer and winter months.

Gschlosser – Glen Schlosser Description 2009 Carriage Domani DF312 Missouri City, TX

HKJR Description My 2011 Cameo 37 RESLS

jdpm Description Fall Creek Falls State Park – Toughest site I have ever had to get into to!

jlsr Description Model number is 2015 LS36FW

Kevin & Linda Cordia Description  Montrose, Colorado 2011 Cameo FWS 2017 3500 HD LTZ

mckenzie2603 Description 2011 36 Max1 full paint with gen. 05 Dodge 2500 airbags 19.5 tires

 pfcabc Description Our 2011 Cameo 36 FWS

Traveler – Jim St. Onge Description 2011 34SB3 Cameo-Tan Full Body Paint with Black Graphics. 2014 F350 King Ranch Travel about 6 months each year

Tom (A to Z) – Tom and Carolyn Amrozowicz Description 2008 Cameo 35SB3, 2005 Ford F-350, extended cab, 4X2, SRW diesel 6.0 Full timers since Sept. 2000. Active members of MAPS RV Volunteers which is part of the Assembly of God\’s US Missions. \”Building Churches, Changing Lives.\” Assembly of God churches, colleges and universities, Bible camps, children homes, and Teen Challenge Centers. Volunteer construction, renovations, and building maintenance. Just turned 80 on Dec 2015.

Stax – Todd, Tina, and Duke Description We are Todd and Tina and Duke is our Hungarian Vizsla you can vaguely see in the backseat. We have just begun our journey to see America, which we started in June of 2016. The power plant moving us forward on our journey is a 2003 Ford F350 SRW Diesel Pickup which we call Old Faithful. For our mobile living quarters we chose a 2011 Carriage Cameo 37CKSLS, which we really enjoy and take pride in maintaining in top condition. We have found the Carriage Lifestyle Owners Forum to be a valuable asset for information sharing, questions, and expert advice from some of the rather amazing technical minds that find time to post there. We plan to auction all of our things in September of 2016 and will be traveling the country in search of adventure, volunteer opportunities, cultural enrichment, new career avenues and eventually a new place to call home once we have had enough of life on the road. Hope to see you soon. Safe Travels! Our travel blog:

RJofOregon Description 2015 LS38RS. Drove from Oregon to Grand Junction, CO to purchase from private seller in August 2017. We are not full timing while renting out the house.

Tres – Gary Tresenriter Description: 2011 Carriage Cameo 37FRESLS, 2017 Ford 350 Greetings, after retiring last fall Barb and I purchased the coach then the truck and now… We’re excited to begin a new stage in our lives making unforgettable memories with our grandchildren.

jlaplante – John LaPlante – Description: RV: 2010 Carriage Cameo 36FWS  Truck: 2015 Ram 3500 diesel dually

We are 20 yr towable RV’ers. Retired but not full-timers. Bought our Carriage new in 2010, many upgrades: 4x6v batteries w custom HDP ventilated enclosure, MorRyde IS suspension, 17.5” wheels, H rated tires, Kodiak disc brakes, 500w solar, 2000w Magnum inverter, upgraded HT sound system, HT recliners, FlexSteel jackknife couch, LP heater, various adaptations to storage areas, slideout improvements, transfer switch, front power shore hookup, new Dometic power awning, fiberglass roof, rebuilt kingpin, added hitch receiver, customized Thule bike rack, vanity plates, LED exterior lighting, extra set of taillights. Full body paint applied in 2018 by Recreational Specialties in Wakarusa, IN. Amazing 6-color paint job w multiple fades as you can see. Truck is long bed Ram diesel dually with upgraded Aisin tranny & factory airbag suspension, metallic red, B&W Patriot 18K hitch on conventional rails, upgraded 5th wheel compatible tailgate. Have visited 14 states so far. Love this rig!

Kmcclain224261 – Kelly McClain

Description: 2015 Lifestyle LS39FB  2019 GMC

My wife and I started our full time adventure this summer and quickly learned that reservations are required to stay for longer periods of time in RV parks. We came back to AZ in September and are parked for the winter. We will head out in May 2020 for eastern Washington as we now have our summer reservations!
It’s been fun so far and we are enjoying settling in to our new space and making this our home. We still have a few years of work life before we can kickback and really enjoy this 24/7. Thanks for your help, this forum and helpful advice to make our transition a smooth ride.

Phil P – John Paxton

Description: 2016 Evergreen Lifestyle LS38RS

We purchased this rig about the middle March 2020