You have the ability to Subscribe and Un-Subscribe to either a complete Forum with all of its Topics or any Topic within a Forum. In the first image below, this is a complete Forum. When in this view, you can click on the “Subscribe” Link shown below to Subscribe to this whole Forum. Once you click on Subscribe, the page will rebuild and will appear like the next screenshot in this tutorial.

You can now see that the “Subscribe” Link now displays “Unsubscribe”. That indicates that you are now subscribed to this whole Forum.

Let’s say you don’t wish to Subscribe to an entire Forum, but would like to Subscribe to a Topic inside that Forum. Click on the desired Topic that you are interested in Subscribing too. For this Tutorial we’re selecting the “Full Wall Slide won’t Go Out. Which switch to replace?”  Click on the Topic Title to proceed to that topic.

Now that you are in your chosen Topic, the “Subscribe” Link is now located in a different place. It is in the upper right corner of the Topic Window as shown in the below screenshot.  Same procedure, click on the Subscribe Link to Subscribe.

Same procedure for Unsubscribing from a Topic as it is for a Forum. Click the “Unsubscribe” Link in the upper right corner of Topic Window as shown in the screenshot below.