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    I saw this replacement door lock on another forum and thought it looked like a great idea if you were looking for a keyless lock. I wondered about the shape if it would work on a Carriage or Lifestyle and be easy to install but the instructions shows it will work on most doors. :?:

    Posted: 11:36 AM – Oct 21, 2014
    Neither my former Cameo nor the new LS had the keyless entry. However, I did purchase the Bauer keyless lock for the Cameo. I removed it and put it on the LS. I had one of the early models and had some issues with it. However, Bauer customer service was excellent and replaced it without issue or expense with the newer model. I’m pleased with it. The key lock the paddle and the combo locks the deadbolt. Phillip

    Posted: 1:21 PM – Nov 25, 2015
    I put a new RV Lock in my 32fw, works great. Note that the trailer grab handle may touch it when swung in, but after 8000 miles, it still stays put.

    Posted: 4:34 PM – Nov 25, 2015
    WE love our digital lock. We put a small rubber bumper on the entry handle where it touches the lock and it does not affect the handle folding in. The lock is a great convenience when on the road or on trips. The only time we use the key to lock the door is to lock the paddle in storage. We use the best lithium batteries in it, as well.

    Posted: 9:08 PM – Nov 27, 2015
    We’ve got the RV lock as well, and love it. Not having to fumble for a key in the dark is great. We also got the remote keypad that attaches to the side of the rig, for entering a code for locking/unlocking the rig, but I’ve never gotten around to installing it. The key fob works just fine.

    Posted: 6:09 AM – Nov 28, 2015
    Phillip…Which model did you get for your 36FW?….Rich

    Posted: 7:01 AM – Nov 28, 2015
    I have the NE.

    Posted: 7:31 AM – Nov 29, 2015
    Thanks Phillip…..Rich

    Posted: 11:49 AM – Nov 29, 2015
    Both of the above-mentioned Vendors are now listed in our “Vendors, Parts, & Supplies” page under the “On The Outside” heading on the Owners Club.

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