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    Letting everyone know there is a 2 MB Size Limit to attaching images to a Topic or Reply.  2 Megabytes is plenty large.  If you don’t have the means on your computer or know how there are several online Image Resizer programs where you can resize your images if necessary. They are web-based and simple to use.  Simply upload your image, select the desired size, resize, download back to your computer.  Here is a link to one that is extremely simple to use.  Screenshot below of site.  If your Image is in “Portrait” format try to set the dimensions to 400 wide x 600 tall (height).  If it is in “Landscape” format try to set the dimensions to 600 wide x 400 tall (height).  I’ve been working on transferring our topics & replies from TapaTalk into the New Forum and some of the images are as big as Billboards. Just kidding, but they are way over-sized and take up a lot of data space.    Thanks,  B.W.

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