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    The attached picture is of my controller that I can’t seem to get to actually operate the fan, no matter which mode nor temperature I select.

    The lid opens and closes but the fan won’t come on.

    The switch on the fan itself is turned on.

    Any and all help gratefully received.

    Tim & Jo

    Posted: 7:23 AM – Jun 12, 2017
    If I remember right, isn’t there a fuse in the fan next to the knob? Maybe its blown.

    Posted: 9:57 AM – Jun 12, 2017
    With the roof lid open go up on the roof and check the lid switch. They will stick closed. It’s a small push button type switch located by the hinge. You can try spraying it with a little wd40 but a replacement is only a couple bucks and fantastic sent me one for free. Very easy to replace.

    Posted: 10:02 AM – Jun 12, 2017
    Here is a link to what the switch looks like. Call fantastic fan and they might send you one for free like they did for me.
    Chip … 0642-1.jpg

    Posted: 11:01 AM – Jun 12, 2017

    Thank You Falconhunter, that’s what it was, a quick shot of WD40 took care of the sticky switch.

    We’re headed out on Wednesday for a few days of boondocking and I don’t want to run the genset any more than necessary so ventilation is critical in this, our first heat wave of the summer.

    Tim & Jo

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    Relative to this particular fantastic fan controller, does anyone have an operations manual for it? I’ve looked on line and have found information for other types but not the one posted by “TimnJo”. Mine is the same and is currently acting up. During the night it opens and closes randomly. I’ve actually gone up on the roof of the RV in the middle of the night to determine if there is any moisture/condensation up there that the fan is misconstruing as rain. Can’t find a reason for it. This happens whether or not it’s set on manual or automatic.

    The vent raising motor is so loud it wakes you up in the middle of the night. I simply want to put the thing on and have it run throughout the night without stopping (unless of course it begins to rain)


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