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    I have made and in the process of making Additions/Updates to the Owners Club.
    1. Added a Widget to the Left Sidebar of the Home Page:

      a. It shows your Member Level Badge
      b. Shows your Current Membership Length (1yr, 2yr, 3yr)
      c. Shows your Current Membership Expiration Date
      d. Shows your Days Until Expiration
      e. Currently working on “Code” to show your Forum-Owners Club “Member Number”

    2. Currently working on adding your Membership Level Badges to your Profiles Page (can access your Profile from the “Profile Link” in the Log In Widget in the Right Sidebar of the Home Page) NOTE: The Membership Level Badge can be replaced by you with an Avatar Image of your choice or a small photo of yourself by clicking on the “Choose File” button next to the Avatar-Upload Avatar Section. This will be different from the Avatar you use on the Forum.
    3. Have added additional information on the Members Directory and Members Profiles Pages under the Navigation Menu at top of page under “Open Area Access” tab.

      a. Your Username
      b. Your Email Address (if you’ve changed your email address since you’ver registered, you need to notify me at )
      c. Your Membership Level
      d. Your Start/Registration Date ( I’m currently tweeking these to show the correct date you joined the Forum )
      e. Your Forum/Owners Club Member Number ( Example: CL0001, CL0010, CL1003 These were assigned by sequence of Members registering. In other words if you were the 1000th member to register, your Member Number would be CL1000
      f. Your RV Brand, Make, Model

    That’s it for now, I’ve only got 1000 more profiles to finish updating. :o :shock: :lol:

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