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    by B.W. » 24 May 2016 16:24

    I’ve just added two new pages to the Owners Club. They are located under the “Open Access Area” tab of the navigation menu. They are titled: “Paid Members Directory” and “Paid Members Profiles”.
    Directory: HERE
    Profiles: HERE

    I’m adding new features and content to them shortly. As of now, you will see: Username, Email Address, Membership Level, and Membership Start Date. When you go in to update your Profile, you’ll now be able to upload/add an “Avatar” or “Photo/Image” of yourself. I’m currently going through each member and adding in your Member Number you were assigned when you registered on the Forum. EX.: CL0001, CL0002. etc. I’m currently working on the code to add your Member Level Badge Image into both the Directory & Profile Lists. I will also be working on adding in each members “Membership Expiration/Renewal Date” and other pertinent information.


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