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Help other 5th Wheel owners and the Club.

Refer us to a friend, family member, or a stranger. You can choose to be known or remain anonymous to whom you refer. Just fill out the form below and we’ll do the rest. If the person you refer joins, you’ll receive a 3 month free extension on your membership expiration date. Be sure to tell the person you’re referring to mention your name at registration in order for you to receive your Bonus.

By remaining anonymous, you'll not be able to receive the 3 month FREE extended membership. Only because the referred individual will not know who referred them.
Name if known.
Please provide as much information as possible of the RV that's owned by the Person being Referred. Example: Make, Model, Manufacturer if possible.

TO VIEW THE FORUMS, if you are a current member, you must be "LOGGED IN".

If you are a Visitor or Non-Member, you must register and have a current membership.